ATEEZ’s Members Hilariously Call Each Other Out In A Game Of Buzzfeed’s “Who’s Who”

Just who is most likely to 👻 the group chat?

Recently, ATEEZ stopped by Buzzfeed to participate in their popular and ongoing game series, “Who’s Who”. When given prompts, each member chooses who they believe best fits the description, and oftentimes, hilarious confessions are revealed because of it.


ATEEZ’s hard-working leader Hongjoong was easily chosen as the member most likely to be caught napping. He’s known for spending late nights working, so this isn’t much of a surprise!

Of course, when asked who would be the most likely to write the next ATEEZ hit, Hongjoong was also chosen! As the genius behind so many of the group’s songs, of course he was the obvious choice.

The first prompt that Seonghwa was chosen for was the most likely to wake up before sunrise on the weekend. He said that he doesn’t like to waste time off, even when he doesn’t have anything scheduled.

He was also chosen as the member most likely to be caught taking a selfie. There’s absolutely no shame in this, because his visuals are a blessing to the world, and ATINYs have made him more confident in his appearance by telling him how handsome he is!

It shouldn’t come as any surprise to ATINYs that Yunho was chosen as the most likely to nail a choreography the quickest! As the main dancer of ATEEZ, learning choreographies comes easily to him, and he’s also able to retain them very well.

Yunho and Wooyoung were both chosen pretty evenly as the member most likely to spend their free time playing video games. They both openly admitted to this fact, but called each other out about their habits!

The last prompt that the other members chose Yunho for is the most likely to start the next TikTok dance trend, which again, isn’t too surprising for this talented performer! He even came up with a creative move on the spot.

Yeosang and San were both chosen as members most likely to be found at the gym, though Yeosang mentioned that he works out a lot at home now because of the pandemic.

He was also called out as the most likely to ghost in the group chat, though he doesn’t do it intentionally! Hongjoong requested that he at least starts sending an emoji instead of just leaving the other members on read.

Wooyoung and San received pretty split votes as the member to most likely to make the others laugh at any given time, so they had a bit of a competition to see who deserved the title.

Votes seemed a little split!

The members called Wooyoung out as the most likely to forget choreography mid-performance! He freely admitted that it’s true, though he also clarified that he doesn’t do it anymore, and even when he did, it was only during their practices and not actual performances.

Though all of the members are self-proclaimed night owls, Wooyoung was also chosen as the member most likely to stay up past midnight on a weekday. He tends to, relatably, get engrossed in playing games until late into the night! He was, however, open to being criticized for his behavior.

Finally, Wooyoung was also chosen as the most likely to cook dinner for everyone else, though the other members didn’t seem particularly thrilled about it. He claims that it’s so the other members will gain weight so he’ll look good in comparison!

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