ATEEZ Announces A Comeback – And Fans Are Impressed By How Immersive Their Lore Is

Even their method of promotion relates back to ATEEZ’s lore…

ATEEZ is currently in Europe for their 2022 World Tour, THE FELLOWSHIP : BEGINNING OF THE END.

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Their tour includes Madrid, London, Paris, Berlin, and Amsterdam and will take place from April 23rd to May 12th.

But aside from simply the excitement about the tour, fans are in awe of ATEEZ’s latest, unexpected comeback announcement.

On April 23rd, ATEEZ released a video titled “WAKE UP, THE WORLD,” which ended with a new logo and “2022. July.”

Although the video itself did not give any other information, fans quickly deduced that this meant a new era was coming. And fans already have begun theorizing about everything from the new logo…

… To the reappearance of “Halateez.”

“Halateez” are characters in ATEEZ’s story lore that exist in a different dimension from ATEEZ, who exist in the real world. The dimension that “Halateez” is from is a dystopian society where feelings are prohibited and the government bans music.

Through a time and dimension traveling hourglass, “Halateez” can evade their government and put on music performances to remind their society what emotions are.

ATEEZ’s lore essentially suggests that “Halateez” are captured, and ATEEZ likely is trying to rescue them.

And in keeping with this complicated storyline, the video that announced ATEEZ’s comeback was not publicly released on their official YouTube channel. In fact, there has been no acknowledgment of the comeback from any of ATEEZ’s official social media accounts.

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Instead, posters were put up in various locations for fans to find. And each of the posters had a QR code that, when scanned, took fans to the video announcement.

And fans immediately connected the unusual announcement style to ATEEZ’s lore, suggesting that it’s reminiscent of “Halateez” putting on performances secretly to avoid attracting the attention of the government.

Fans are shocked by how immersive ATEEZ’s storyline is becoming since it feels like they, as fans who will be watching the comeback, are now an intrinsic part of the lore.

And while certainly, this promotion style is unexpected, once fans found the posters, it didn’t take long for ATEEZ to begin trending, especially since they’re also having their first of the European concerts.

And fans are definitely impressed by ATEEZ’s commitment to their storyline, noting that this isn’t the first time ATEEZ has found interesting and innovative ways to connect their lore to their promotions.

Fans can definitely get excited about ATEEZ’s July comeback and try to hunt down new details about their lore.