ATEEZ Are Competitive AF With Each Other And Here’s How Far They Go

The grind never stops!

After the release of ATEEZ‘s brand new rhythm game SuperStar ATEEZ, Yunho was dominating the field with his world-class scores. ATINYs couldn’t believe how fast he was able to get good at it, and were also jealous of his extensive card collection!

Some believed that Yunho’s huge stash of ‘R’ ranked cards were given to him simply because he’s an ATEEZ member, but that rumor was quickly put to rest as soon as his band mate Seonghwa‘s book was discovered to be practically empty in comparison.

Yunho’s Card Book | Dalcomsoft
Seonghwa’s Card Book | Dalcomsoft

By the end of the first day, Yunho had impressed everyone by reaching 3rd in the world for “Wave”. However, everything changed once two new challengers entered the ring – San and Wooyoung! And they meant business.

Wooyoung all of a sudden went full speed ahead on his SuperStar account, and ATINYs were flabbergasted to find out he had reached the top spot for “Inception” in a matter of hours!

Wooyoung’s World Record | Dalcomsoft









Not long after that, San uploaded a screenshot of his own onto Twitter, revealing he had gotten the World Record for “Utopia” as well!

I finally got first place!!!!!!!!!! haㅠㅠㅠㅠ

— San

But Yunho was definitely not going to take this lying down. Less than 10 minutes after San’s celebratory tweet, he decided to raise the bar even further with yet another announcement.

It turns out that Yunho might have been holding back before, as now he had not only taken first place for their debut title track “Pirate King”, but he had done it for the entire All To Zero album!

San-ah, I’ve cleared all (songs) from the debut album!

— Yunho

While San, Wooyoung, and Yunho continue battling it out in their full-on SuperStar ATEEZ war, some of the other members like Jongho prefer to just sit back and watch the drama unfold.

  • Wooyoung hyung and Yunho hyung have 
  • Become completely obsessed with it?
  • Hahahahahahahahaha
Jongho’s Messages | ATEEZ/Universe

What do you think about San, Wooyoung, and Yunho’s intense rivalry?