ATEEZ Makes Their Debut On The Billboard 200 Chart With “ZERO: FEVER Part.3”, And ATINYs Couldn’t Be Prouder


On September 13, ATEEZ released their newest album, ZERO: FEVER Part.3. The album was breaking records for the group even before its release, making over 810,000 pre-order sales leading up to the release date and surpassing their last record by hundreds of thousands of sales.

It also led ATEEZ to become the first K-Pop group to have three albums reach #1 on the Worldwide iTunes Albums chart in 2021! It ranked high on numerous other music charts, along with the title track, “Deja Vu”, and the five other songs on the album.

Today, ATEEZ can now add another huge milestone to their already impressive list, thanks to its ranking on a very coveted Billboard chart!


ZERO: FEVER Part.3 has become the group’s first album to make it onto the Billboard 200 chart! This chart ranks the 200 most popular albums in the United States each week, and since it includes both U.S.-based artists and international ones, it’s more difficult to make it onto this chart than, for example, the World Albums chart, which just looks at international albums.

ATEEZ’s album is spending its first week on the chart at the #42 position, which is quite high for a first listing!

The accomplishment even got the hashtag #ATEEZonBB200 trending on Twitter as ATINYs express how proud they are of the group!

Here’s a look at what some fans are saying about ATEEZ’s well-deserved ranking on this chart.

ATINYs just couldn’t be more proud of this only (not quite) three-year-old group!

Congratulations ATEEZ! We look forward to seeing what you accomplish next!