ATEEZ Fans Finally Got Introduced To Hongjoong’s Brother… And We’re Already Stanning

Good genes clearly run in the family!

For a while, fans of ATEEZ have known that Hongjoong has an older brother. He has talked about him on several occasions, and has even spoken about him being his role model.

However, very little else was known about him until recently. Not even his name was known, though Hongjoong has said that he’s a contemporary dancer and an actor, and even inspired ATEEZ’s leader to try out contemporary dance himself.

Earlier today, though, ATINYs were finally treated to a look at Hongjoong’s elder sibling, Bum Joong!

Hongjoong was taking a class with his brother in preparation for their recent performance at the 2021Β MAMAs, and some of their lesson appeared in the making film that was uploaded ontoΒ YouTube.

It’s quickly clear from watching Bum Joong that he is an incredibly talented dancer, and it’s obvious that musical talent runs in their family!

And not to mention… Good genes clearly run in their family as well.

And Bum Joong’s training was a huge success, with Hongjoong performing the choreography he created beautifully.

Here are some relatable fan reactions to the handsome and talented Kim Bum Joong.

And here is likely how Hongjoong is feeling right now, too…

It’s alright to be curious and complimentary, but please keep this in mind!

If you haven’t watched the wholeΒ MAMAs making film from ATEEZ yet, check it out below!