ATEEZ’s “Fireworks”, “Dreamers”, And More Played At The Olympics, And ATINYs Are Screaming

ATEEZ is going to be a worldwide famous group someday soon!

ATEEZ‘s popularity has been growing quite a bit in recent times, especially since they participated on Kingdom: Legendary War and people unfamiliar with the group were able to see just how incredible they are!

With the recent release of their Japanese-language single album Dreamers with a title track of the same name (that is also being used as the ending theme song for Digimon Adventure:), the group has also been making waves in K-Pop’s Japanese fanbase.

For the Tokyo 2020 Olympics this year, K-Pop has been making an appearance numerous times both in the playlists of the athletes as well as during the competitions themselves.

American Olympic athlete Sierra Schmidt dancing to TWICE

Today, fans of ATEEZ were ecstatic to hear not just one, but multiple of the group’s songs played during the event!

Not only was “Dreamers” one of the songs played, but also heard were their 2019 hits “Wave” and “Wonderland” as well as their most recent Korean-language single, “Fireworks (I’m The One)”.

In fact, ATINYs are so excited that they have taken to social media to express their pride for the group, and have even gotten #OLYMPICS_LOVES_ATEEZ trending!

Some of the reactions to the songs playing during the event are hilarious, while others are nostalgic and emotional.

DJ Stari is the man behind the playlist for the event, so make sure to give him some love!

Congratulations to ATEEZ for being heard in an event as huge as the Olympics, and we can’t wait to see their fanbase grow even more after this!

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