#WeLoveYouATEEZ Trends With The Group’s 3rd Win For “Guerrilla”

This comeback has been incredible!

ATEEZ fans are celebrating, because the group’s latest hit, “Guerrilla”, has now earned its third music show win so far!

The win was on Music Bank, and their reaction to this accomplishment on August 5 was just as endearing as all of their other wins have been.

With this third win, “Guerrilla” has now become their song with the most wins to date! “Wave”, their first song to get a music show award, received two, as did “Inception”. “Fireworks (I’m The One)” and “Deja Vu” each won one award.

So in total, the group has now had nine music show wins during their career! This is also the first time ATEEZ has won an award on Music Bank.

After this win, ATINYs have been trending several hashtags for the group on Twitter, including #WeLoveYouATEEZ and #Guerrilla3rdWin.

They’ve been working so incredibly hard for this comeback, it’s so exciting to see their efforts pay off like this!

ATEEZ | @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

Here’s to hoping for even more wins for the epic “Guerrilla”!