An ATINY’s Mom’s Story About Meeting ATEEZ’s Hongjoong At Work Proves He’s A Humble King

We love a modest leader!

Any fan of ATEEZ knows that, despite the members being incredibly talented, they all have very humble and down-to-earth personalities.

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Part of their charm is how modest they are about their success, and it really shows in how they always strive to improve themselves!

Leader Hongjoong, even being the multi-talented rapper, vocalist, songwriter, and producer that he is, completely embodies the humble mindset. He is always thanking the group’s fans and their staff members for helping them succeed, which shows where his priorities are when it comes to ATEEZ’s popularity.

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A recent encounter between an ATINY’s mom and Hongjoong at a restaurant is a perfect example of the type of kind-hearted person he is!

The fan’s mom works in a pizza shop, and recently Hongjoong showed up to eat there. Once the woman recognized the ATEEZ member, the following encounter ensued, as explained by the ATINY.

“I’m an ATINY who lives in the same neighborhood as the members do (but I’ve never seen them around T-T). My mom, who works at a pizza restaurant in the neighborhood, said Hongjoong came to eat there. At first, she wasn’t sure but she guessed so because of the red hair showing underneath his beanie and his outfit which stood out a little bit from the rest. When he took off his mask to eat pizza, she recognized him. And Hongjoong is the only ATEEZ member that my mom actually knows, haha.

Anyway, she asked him if he’s ATEEZ’s leader and he got shy but said yes. So my mom told him that her daughter is a huge fan and ended up bringing me an autograph, too. LOL. T_T She apparently told him all about how I went to their concert and everything (low key secondhand embarrassment)…”

In order to prove that the sweet encounter did happen, the fan also included a picture of the signature, which included a warm-hearted message from Hongjoong!

“Thank you for always supporting us and cherishing us. Stay healthy and hwaiting!

From ATEEZ’s Hongjoong”

It’s little interactions like these, out of the spotlight, that really give us a glimpse of what K-Pop idols are like beyond their celebrity status. And Hongjoong just keeps proving that he’s a humble and thankful person despite ATEEZ’s growing fame!