ATINYs Have Been Raving About ATEEZ’s Hongjoong’s Chest Lately, And Honestly, Same

It’s pretty easy to see why!

There are countless reasons to praise the members of ATEEZ: For their incredible stage presence, their rapping and/or vocal skills, their humbleness, the meaningful lyrics of their music, how much they love and appreciate their fans… The list goes on!

Of course, their stunning visuals are also something that can’t be ignored, and recently, one part of one member has been making the rounds on social media… And for good reason.

Leader and self-proclaimed captain of ATEEZ, Hongjoong, has fans raving about, well, his well-defined chest!

The state of his chiseled pecs isn’t new news to ATINYs, but a recent series of images really made the subject become a hot topic among ATEEZ fans!

Fellow ATEEZ member Wooyoung had actually semi-recently commented that Hongjoong has been working out a lot lately, and particularly pointed out how nice his chest is. And, well, we definitely agree.

Understandably, ATINYs have taken to social media to express their love/offense/praise/overall emotional state from these images.

Between him and Wooyoung’s rock-hard pecs, balloons don’t stand a chance!

Seonghwa trying to save(?) ATINY’s eyes will never get old. 😂

Mingi, on the other hand, has no such reservations…

It seems that Seonghwa is no match for the power of Hongjoong’s pecs. 😂

While we’re on the subject, make sure to check out Hongjoong and the rest of ATEEZ on competition show Kingdom, where they’ve already put on some amazing performances!