ATEEZ’s Hongjoong Breaks Down In Tears At The Group’s Concert In Newark, Here’s The Touching Reason Why

We’re crying, too.

Tonight, on the night of January 24, ATEEZ held their biggest solo concert yet in the United States in Newark, New Jersey, with around 19,500 ATINYs in attendance. The members have made several stops around the U.S. on the American leg of their world tour, The Fellowship: Beginning of the End, and they have already made so many lasting memories with their beloved fans.

The concerts haven’t been without tears, though, as emotions have run high for the members and ATINYs alike. This is the first time that the group has been able to tour internationally since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic two years ago, and it seems that tonight, Hongjoong‘s emotions got the best of him when he broke down into tears during the song “Star 1117”.

“Star 1117” is a song that was specially written to ATINYs, with 1117 standing for November 17, 2018, the day that the fandom was born. It’s especially meaningful for ATEEZ’s members and their fans for this reason, and when the group was met with nearly 20,000 ATINYs singing the song back to them, it seemed to be too much for Hongjoong to handle.

Later on, he went on to apologize for crying, saying that he became emotional because he remembered times when he thought he might never be able to be on stage and meet ATINYs in this way again. The past two years have been so difficult for everyone, and it’s no wonder that it finally caught up to Hongjoong that the group has seen so much growth and love from their loyal fans in that time!

Of course, Hongjoong, our ever-stoic captain, jokingly tried to deny that he was crying at all.

Seonghwa allegedly broke down as well.

How could anyone not get emotional, seeing Hongjoong allow himself to be vulnerable in this way?

The concert has ended now, but ATINYs won’t forget this night or these memories anytime soon.