ATEEZ Fans Bid Farewell To Hongjoong’s Iconic “Hongruella” Hair

Gone but not forgotten!

It seems like not that long ago that ATEEZ‘s leader and captain Hongjoong debuted arguably one of his most fan-favorited hairstyles yet: The split black-and-white look that gave him the nickname “Hongruella” after the character Cruella.

Hongjoong has been trying out fun and unique hairstyles since the group debuted, and has looked stunning in all of them!

But the split black-and-white was one of his favorite looks as well, and it lasted for quite a while, especially given the upkeep that it likely required.

Alas, however, it seems that the “Hongruella” era has ended while ATEEZ is in the middle of promoting their latest song, “Guerrilla”.

It lasted for nearly four months, from when he debuted it on April 15 this year until its last appearance on August 7!

Hongjoong | SBS

While Hongjoong’s scalp is likely thankful for the dark color he has dyed it now…

… Fans are saddened over the end of an era.

Still, he looks just as handsome with his new look, and knowing Hongjoong, he’ll probably have a unique new style before too long once again!