ATEEZ’s Hongjoong To Keep His Promise To Fans By Busking In Gyeongju

He is a man of his word!

K-Pop idol group ATEEZ’s Hongjoong will be busking in Gyeongju. In May of last year, Hongjoong uploaded his own content on YouTube including various cover videos of famous songs from different eras. 

During the launching of their own content, all eight members of the group made personal content with Hongjoong promising fans that he would do a busking session if his video hit over a 1 million views. His cover video for Linkin Park’s “Numb” was highly praised by Linkin Park member Mike Shinoda and surpassed 1 million views within a week of its release.

In response, the agency stated, “As this busking session has been planned for a long time, he is actively coming up with ideas and practicing during his spare time for the perfect stage. We will hold a performance while abiding by the government quarantine rules so that everyone can safely enjoy the event.”

Hongjoong’s busking event will be held in Gyeongju at the Beyond Asf- Gyeongju Busking on November 30 and you can sign up for the event through the ATEEZ fan cafe starting on November 23 at 7 PM KST.

Source: sports khan