ATEEZ’s Hongjoong Gets Emotional Hearing Fan’s Story Of Learning To Walk Again Thanks To The K-Pop Group

ATEEZ is an inspiration to so many!

Now that ATEEZ has finished up their long and successful The Fellowship: Break The Wall tour, the members have been able to return to their past responsibilities in South Korea. Among those is Hongjoong and Yunho coming back to their hosting job for Idol Radio!

During the latest episode of the show, the two ATEEZ members were reading messages from fans as part of the program. There was one message, however, that was unexpectedly emotional, and made Hongjoong get noticeably choked up while reading it.

Hongjoong (ATEEZ)

The fan shared that they had seriously injured their leg a while back, and had been going to rehab in order to regain their ability to walk. Through the difficulties they faced during this process, it was the fan’s desire to see ATEEZ’s members and be able to attend their concert that drove them to push themselves through the hardship and regain their ability to walk without assistance.

They consider ATEEZ a life savior to them and their family, and are determined to one day jump up and down during one of the group’s concerts!

In response to the heart-warming message, Hongjoong shared his feelings about how he and the rest of ATEEZ give strength to their fans without even knowing it. He said that he’ll always strive to be the kind of person who can give others this kind of strength, and that he hopes to see this ATINY jumping up and down at one of their concerts with his own two eyes soon!

The kind, loving, and supportive relationship between ATEEZ’s members and their fans is definitely something special, which is easy to see in the genuine emotions that Hongjoong expresses when interacting with their precious ATINYs.

Other ATINYs couldn’t help but get teary-eyed and emotional hearing the story as well.

Hongjoong and the rest of ATEEZ’s members are definitely people worth supporting and depending on, because you know they won’t let you down! And we hope that this sweet ATINY is able to fully recover and achieve their dreams in the near future.