ATEEZ’s Hongjoong Names The Group’s Most Signature Dance Move, Credits Choreographer Anze Skrube

They always show appreciation for the people they work with!

A few hours ago, PopBuzz released a video collaboration with ATEEZ while the K-Pop group was in London for their The Fellowship: Break The Wall world tour. Called “The Tower of Truth”, the members each took turns playing a giant Jenga game with questions written on each of the blocks that they needed to answer.

As could be expected from ATEEZ, the video was a wonderful mix of hilarity, chaos, and introspection, from San determining which member smelled the best to Mingi “sacrificing” Yeosang in a zombie apocalypse.

Also like they always do, ATEEZ’s members didn’t fail to shout out and give credit to the creative people that they’ve worked with and have helped them succeed!

Hongjoong (ATEEZ) | KQ Entertainment

Hongjoong was asked to name their signature dance move, and after only a moment of thought, he named the iconic “driving dance” from “Say My Name”.

And he didn’t stop there. He made sure to give thanks to choreographer Anze Skrube, who was the genius behind the “driving dance”!

After plagiarism accusations were directed at a contestant on Street Man Fighter last year for claiming that he created a dance sequence that’s extremely similar to ATEEZ’s “Say My Name” choreography, the group has numerously mentioned the dance and Anze Skrube to show their support and appreciation for his work and creativity.

ATINYs are showing their own support and appreciation for ATEEZ and their choreographers from this short but impactful clip!

We love to see ATEEZ’s members always showing how thankful they are for the people that have helped make them become as successful as they are today!