ATEEZ’s Hongjoong’s “NO1LIKEME” Tattoo Is Just As Beautiful And Unique As He Is

There really is no one like him.

ATEEZ‘s leader and captain Hongjoong is known for his bold, unique fashion sense that often breaks gender norms and challenges trends in a way that not just anyone could pull off.

Hongjoong (ATEEZ)

That, paired with his enormous talent, charismatic energy on stage that makes him seem born for it, and creative mind make the phrase “NO 1 LIKE ME” truly fitting for Hongjoong.

He has used the phrase as his personal motto for quite some time, including it in some of his outfits that he personally altered to better suit his style.

And then, earlier this year, some eagle-eyed fans noticed a tiny peek of a new tattoo on Hongjoong’s inner arm, which turned out to be the phrase “NO1LIKEME” written in a unique and tasteful font.

While he hasn’t necessarily been hiding the tattoo, glimpses of the entire ink aren’t too common, and any time that fans get to see it is definitely a treat.

And recently, a clip of Hongjoong in a sleeveless top that showcases both his gorgeous arms and his beautiful tattoo has been gaining a lot of well-earned attention on social media!

Fans are having a variety of reactions in the comments on the post that are highly relatable.

There are hundreds of quote retweets as well with similar sentiments.

This isn’t Hongjoong’s first tattoo — that title goes to the one on his ankle featuring the word “faith” with wings — but we also doubt it will be his last, given how much he likes to express himself creatively!


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