The One Thing Producer EDEN Wants To Learn From ATEEZ’s Hongjoong

The teacher learns from the student!

The relationship between ATEEZ‘s Hongjoong and the group’s producer EDEN goes back a long way.

MADDOX, EDEN, and Hongjoong

EDEN was the person that ended up being Hongjoong’s mentor in the K-Pop industry under KQ Entertainment, and though the producer didn’t originally want to take on a student at the time, the two have become close over the last seven or so years that they’ve known each other.

Mingi, EDEN, and Hongjoong

A lot of what Hongjoong has learned about creating music came from EDEN’s teachings, and it’s clear that he has a lot of respect for the KQ Entertainment producer. But that respect goes both ways!

Recently during a resurfaced interview clip, EDEN was asked what he wants to learn from Hongjoong. And it might not surprise ATINYs, but he said that he wants to learn Hongjoong’s incredible passion for music.

Making music is Hongjoong’s idea of resting, which explains why he’s so often in the studio working on various projects.

His dedication to music and producing is something that EDEN has respect for Hongjoong for, and it’s easy to see why.

ATINYs have a lot of praise for Hongjoong’s passion that they’re sharing on social media!

This just goes to show that teachers can always learn something from their students if there is mutual care and respect between them.