ATEEZ’s Hongjoong Performs His Unreleased Solo Song “Draw & Draw” Live on “SingStay 3”

The song has a double meaning!

On June 21 at 9PM KST/8 AM EST, ATEEZ‘s leader Hongjoong treated fans to a previously unreleased solo song, “Draw & Draw”, on SingStay 3!

Fellow KQ Entertainment singer and composer Maddox also joined him on the show, which is hosted by Kim Jaehwan.

SingStay, which is a live music show where musicians star as guests to talk about their music and perform, is currently on its third season, and has previously hosted popular artists such as AB6IX‘s Daehwi, CIX, and Zion.T, among others.

During the show, Hongjoong shared some insights about his creative process and inspirations, such as talking about his signature laugh before he raps.

He also explained that “Draw & Draw” in particular was inspired by the movie Midnight in Paris, due to the artistic aesthetics of the film.

He then performed the unreleased song, in which he describes the listener as his artistic muse and inspiration with romantic lines such as “I draw you with the moon that holds you/I draw you together with the dancing stars”, and “You’re my inspiration, you’re my muse, you’re my sense, you’re my drawing”.

The song also has a double meaning, however, as the word Hongjoong used for “draw” can also mean “I miss you”.

Often known for his more energetic and intense persona on stage, the chill, R&B style of this song is incredibly refreshing and the perfect easy-listening music for a relaxing day.

This song is just another example of how much Hongjoong has grown as an artist since his pre-debut days, where he once admitted that he used to be tone-deaf and struggled to match beats and rhythms. But through his incredible hard work and determination, the ATEEZ leader has more than proved himself to be an extremely talented artist that doesn’t let anything stop him from pursuing his passion.

You can watch his full performance below, but make sure not to miss out on the official upload on ATEEZ’s channel when it’s released on July 5!