ATEEZ Joins Only One Other Fourth Generation K-Pop Group To Hit An Impressive Billboard Milestone

ATEEZ’s wins just keep coming!

2021 has been an incredible year for ATEEZ, full of new achievements and milestones that the group has reached. From breaking album sales records to legendary collaborations and winning various shows and awards, it seems like their success can only continue to go up!


Now, with less than two weeks left of 2021, the boy group has yet another achievement they can add to their already impressive list for the year.


Earlier in the year, on September 25, their ZERO: FEVER Part.3 album was the group’s first to enter the Billboard 200 chart. The Billboard 200 is a chart that ranks the 200 most popular music albums and EPs based on sales in the United States each week, and since American artists are included on the chart (unlike the Worldwide Albums chart), it can be difficult for K-Pop artists to rank on it.

Just getting one album on this chart is an accomplishment for any artist! ZERO: FEVER Part.3 also peaked at #42 on the chart, which is an even bigger accomplishment since it’s so high on the list.

Now, however, ATEEZ has become one of only two fourth generation K-Pop artists to reach another milestone on this chart. Along with ENHYPEN, they’re the only two artists who have had multiple albums chart in the top 100 spots of the Billboard 200 chart this year!

This accomplishment was reached with their most recent album, ZERO: FEVER Epilogue, debuting at #73 on the Billboard 200 chart this week.

This would be impressive enough on its own, but what makes it even more exciting is that the album had a shorter promotion time than their previous ones, and no official U.S. store to purchase them in. Despite this, the album still made enough international sales to reach the top 100 of the Billboard 200 chart!

ATINYs, of course, are flooding social media with their happiness and congratulations towards ATEEZ with trends like “ATEEZ BB 2ND ROUND” and #ATEEZonBB200.

Congratulations to ATEEZ, and here’s to even more success for them in the future!