An ATEEZ Fan Has Organized The Opportunity For The K-Pop Group To Live Out Their Pirate Dreams With A Real Sailing Ship

They would also be supporting a wonderful program for at-risk youth.

As all fans of ATEEZ know, the group debuted with a unique and captivating concept as pirates with the song “Pirate King”. Since then, this theme has stuck with the group throughout their TREASURE series and beyond, even playing a major part in their performances on Kingdom: Legendary War!

Leader Hongjoong has even called himself the “captain” of ATEEZ on numerous occasions, both in song and in interviews and other media.

Now, thanks to a passionate and creative ATINY, ATEEZ has the chance to live out their pirate dreams on a real sailing ship!

Twitter user @SailorSamRiggs is a longtime professional sailor and an avid fan of ATEEZ. Knowing that the K-Pop group will be coming to Los Angeles at the end of January for their ongoing world tour, they got in contact with the Los Angeles Maritime Institute to see if they could arrange a way for the members to sail on the gorgeous Irving Johnson, which is a Tall Ship Ambassador for the city.

The institute agreed to the collaboration, which will include training and filming for the members on the ship to experience what it would be like to be real pirates!

Not only would this be an amazing opportunity for the K-Pop group, but it would also support a non-profit organization, TopSail Youth Program, which supports at-risk youth by teaching them teamwork and discipline through sailing.

ATEEZ’s members are known to be huge advocates for important causes, so there’s no doubt that they would love to show their support for such an organization!

Though KQ Entertainment has not yet responded to the opportunity, fans are hopeful that this epic collaboration will become a reality.

Here’s to hoping that we will get to see ATEEZ’s members live out their fantasy through this incredible opportunity!