ATEEZ Is Now The Only K-Pop Group To Reach #1 On The Worldwide iTunes Album Chart With 3 Albums This Year

They’ve blessed fans with so much new content this year!

With the release of ATEEZ‘s new album, ZERO: FEVER Part.3, the K-Pop group is already breaking their own records and reaching new milestones, such as becoming only one of three fourth generation K-Pop groups to have multiple albums make over 140k first-day sales on Hanteo.

On top of this, however, ATEEZ has now become the ONLY K-Pop artist to reach another huge accomplishment this year, showing just how hard-working the group is and how much content they’ve blessed fans with this year.

ZERO: FEVER Part.3 hit #1 on the Worldwide iTunes Album chart after its release. While this is an accomplishment on its own, that’s not all: It’s the third album from the group to reach #1 on this chart this year, making them the only K-Pop artist to have three albums reach this peak in 2021!

Their other two albums to reach #1 — ZERO: FEVER Part.2 and Dreamers — came out on March 1 and July 28 of this year respectively. They also came out with the single album Season Songs on August 16, which means in the space of just over 6 months, ATEEZ has gifted fans with four albums, which is an amazing amount of content!

On top of this, all six songs on ZERO: FEVER Part.3 are trending on the Worldwide iTunes Song chart as well!

Congratulations to ATEEZ on this phenomenal accomplishment! Make sure to check out the music video for “Deja Vu” here: