ATEEZ Made Their US Television Show Debut On FOX5’s “Good Day New York”

These monster rookies just made their US television show debut!

The term “monster rookies” seems to be made for ATEEZ who have been absolutely crushing it since their debut. While there is already plenty of proof that they are super rookies including the fact that their world tour completely sold out in minutes, their recent US television show debut is even more proof of their monster rookie status!


Although it’s only been 8 months since their debut, on July 3, ATEEZ made their US television debut with a visit to FOX5‘s hit morning show Good Day New York!


While there, they made everyone smile with their relaxed and sweet interview before blowing everyone away with a performance of their track “WAVE”!


Now, these monster rookies are off to perform at 2019 KCON New York on July 6 and 7!


With their US television debut and KCON performances added on top of all their other impressive achievements, there’s simply no denying that ATEEZ are monster rookies!