ATEEZ’s Members Got Harassed At The Airport, And ATINYs Are Demanding Change

The health of the members is what’s most important, especially during the ongoing pandemic.

Recently, the members of ATEEZ took a trip to Jeju Island, traveling by plane in order to get there. Though the reason for their visit has yet to be explained, there’s no doubt that the group has seen a recent (and well-deserved) increase in their popularity in South Korea, likely due mostly to their participation on Kingdom and some of the members acting in the K-Drama Imitation.

Hongjoong on Kingdom
Yunho on Imitation

However, with newfound fame there often comes consequences, and it seems that ATEEZ has reached the point where they might need to take greater measures to ensure their safety.

As some of the members arrived back in Seoul, most of them were only accompanied by a manager and, seemingly, one or two bodyguards.

Unexpectedly, many of the members started getting swarmed by people when they arrived, some of whom got extremely close to ATEEZ with their phones. The members, visibly and understandably uncomfortable, could do little to stop it.

This sort of behavior is bad enough during normal times, but right now during the middle of a still-ongoing pandemic, these “fans” are putting the members of ATEEZ at risk by crowding around them so closely.

ATINYs have become vocal on social media about the dangerous situation, and are asking for KQ Entertainment to provide better security for the members to prevent this sort of thing from happening again.

One bit of positive news is that, fortunately, Mingi (who is still, as far as we know, on hiatus) arrived back in Seoul on his own before the rest of the members, so he managed to avoid the chaos.

Thankfully as well, not all fans have been behaving in this manner, with some still showing the proper kind of respect that ATEEZ (and all K-Pop idols) deserve.

It’s totally unnecessary to invade an idol’s personal space in order to get their attention, and in fact, you’re much more likely to have a positive experience by treating them properly!

Hopefully KQ Entertainment will be able to provide better protection for ATEEZ soon, so that this doesn’t happen again. We hope that all of the members are healthy and safe after this incident.

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