These Are ATEEZ Members’ “Real” Positions In The Group, Determined By Seonghwa

They definitely seem accurate 😂

Like most K-Pop groups, ATEEZ has official positions for all eight of their members such as main vocalists, main dancers, main rappers, etc.

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Each of the members are so talented in so many ways, though, that it’s impossible to limit them all to just their official positions when it comes to musical releases and performances!

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Recently, Seonghwa attempted to label each member with their “real” position within the group, and his decisions are both hilarious and accurate 😂

For Hongjoong — who has the official positions of leader, lead rapper, sub-vocalist, and center in ATEEZ — Seonghwa gave him the position title “Pok-Joong”. This translates to something like “explosive Joong” or “tyrant Joong”, which is a nickname that refers to Hongjoong when he’s acting particularly aggressive 😂 And as a leader, it’s no surprise that he has to take control like that regularly!

For himself, Seonghwa — who has the official positions of lead vocalist, rapper, and visual in ATEEZ — named his “real” position as “the youngest”. This is ironic, given that he’s actually the oldest member of the group, but sometimes he has a pure and innocent feeling about him that can make him seem like the youngest member (in a good way!).

Yunho — who has the official position of main dancer and lead vocalist in ATEEZ — was given a “real” position that should take very little explanation: “Dance teacher”. Every ATINY knows that Yunho picks up dances the fastest out of all the members, and he is a main dancer of ATEEZ for a reason! It’s no surprise that he likely often helps the others learn their choreographies, even though they’re all phenomenal dancers as well.

Seonghwa’s title for Yeosang shouldn’t come as much of a surprise either! His official position in ATEEZ is as their lead dancer, sub-vocalist, and visual, but Seonghwa decided that his “real” position in the group is as the “workout-holic”. Yeosang spends a lot of time at the gym — and his impressive muscles make this obvious! — so giving him such a title is definitely accurate.

San — whose official position is as ATEEZ’s lead vocalist and face of the group — was actually given the “real” position of “visual” by Seonghwa, who is an official visual of ATEEZ himself. There’s no denying that San is a gorgeous guy, and he tends to draw a lot of attention from people who are unfamiliar with ATEEZ, so it’s an appropriate title for the multi-talented, handsome man!

Mingi‘s “real” position in ATEEZ is an interesting one! He has the official position as the group’s main rapper and main dancer, but Seonghwa actually gave him the title of “vocalist”! Mingi is definitely more well-known for his rapping and dancing abilities, but the giant cutie certainly isn’t weak when it comes to singing, too. And Seonghwa clearly thinks this is something worth noting!

Wooyoung — whose official position in ATEEZ is as their main dancer, vocalist, and visual — was given the “real” position of “tension up” by Seonghwa. The reason for this title isn’t totally clear, but it likely has to do with Wooyoung’s constant high-energy and loud personality! And if that’s the case, it’s definitely accurate 😂

Finally, Jongho — whose official position in the group is as their main vocalist and maknae — was given the “real” position of “big brother” by Seonghwa. And this makes sense because, even though Jongho is the group’s youngest member, it has been stated numerous times that he’s the most mature among them, so based on that measurement, he does seem like the oldest!

None of these amazing idols can really be described with one title, but Seonghwa definitely did his best! 😂