ATEEZ’s Members Show Their Generosity By Giving Up Their Seats To Keep Fans Safe

They always think of their fans first 🥺

Over the weekend, ATEEZ fans had the opportunity to meet the members during their time at KCON LA at a number of different events, including one with hello82.

ATEEZ | @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

Fans lucky enough to attend the event got to have a meet and greet with the members, and interactions between ATEEZ and ATINYs always lead to some endearing moments!

For some reason during the meet and greet, fans were given stacks of crates to sit on instead of chairs. This led to fans falling off of the crates, which could have been dangerous.

Thankfully, ATEEZ’s members were quick to remedy the situation. Without being asked, they immediately began to bring their own chairs over for fans to sit on, leaving themselves standing instead.

Apparently Hongjoong was particularly upset about the fact that ATINYs were given crates to sit on, as told by fans at the event.

Other fans also shared their experience during the event, which really shows how considerate the members are without being prompted by anyone else.

Fortunately for everyone involved, computer chairs were later brought out for the fans so that ATEEZ could have their own seats back.

The clip has deservedly gone viral on social media, with tons of ATINYs expressing their love and admiration for the group.

We hope that ATEEZ’s members have a safe trip home!