ATEEZ Mingi’s Birthday Wish Comes True As He Becomes Besties With GOT7’s Youngjae

With the help of his members, Mingi made it happen!

ATEEZ‘s Mingi saw one of his birthday wishes come true when he adorably befriended GOT7‘s Youngjae recently.

ATEEZ’s Mingi | @mbcbf_ever/Instagram
GOT7’s Youngjae | @mbcbf_ever/Instagram

As part of their promotions for their new comeback “Guerilla,” the ATEEZ members made a stop at Youngjae’s radio show Best Friend.

ATEEZ and Youngjae | @mbcbf_ever/Instagram

While there, Mingi was, of course, his usual handsome and cute self.

But seeing as it is Mingi’s birthday on August 9, he was given a surprise early birthday celebration at Youngjae’s studio, a surprise that elicited the best reaction ever.

Mingi was given a birthday cake and the cutest crown…

…but it was his birthday wish that had fans melting. As always, he wished for health and happiness for his members and for ATINY. But he also wished that he could become close friends with Youngjae—and, luckily, Youngjae was up for it!

Mingi’s members encouraged him enthusiastically, with Wooyoung suggesting that they exchange contact information. Youngjae readily agreed.

| MBC Radio/YouTube 

It was admittedly hard for fans to believe that this particular exchange had happened…

…so Mingi and Youngjae proved how fully serious they were about it. When it was time for the ATEEZ members to leave, Mingi stayed behind to quickly write down and save his contact information on Youngjae’s phone.

| MBC Radio/YouTube 

Now, fans are hoping to see a wholesome new friendship bloom!

Or seeing as Mingi is a very warm person, fans can maybe hope to see him start many wholesome new friendships…

…though we will have to wait and see what the future holds on that.

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