ATEEZ’s Mingi Flexes His Flawless English Skills In A Fancall With An ATINY

He’s so fluent!

With ATEEZ‘s success in the West, the members have been working hard to become more fluent in English to be able to speak more openly with their English-speaking fans.

Based on different interviews and their concerts in the United States, it’s clear that their hard work in learning the language has been paying off!

While leader Hongjoong seems to still be the most fluent and comfortable with the language, the other members have been getting noticeably more confident speaking English too.

Mingi tends to be a little quiet and shy during interviews, so he hasn’t had as many chances to showcase his English-speaking skills. But a recent fancall with an ATINY was able to show just how well he speaks the language!

Mingi | @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

The conversation between the two is sweet and adorable, as though they’ve been friends for a long time.

Fellow ATINYs are loving the conversation between Mingi and the fan!

We love seeing conversations like these between ATEEZ and their fans, just like they’re good friends!