ATEEZ’s Mingi Goes Viral For Being Distracted On His Phone During A Fansign Call, But There’s More To The Story

Fans spread the clip of Mingi on his phone on different social media platforms.

As part of promotions, K-Pop groups will often hold fansign events where lucky fans can meet them up close and personal.

TWICE’s Nayeon during a fansign.

In the past, these events were exclusively in person, though after COVID-19 lockdowns began, many groups started doing these fansigns online, allowing fans worldwide a chance to enter.

Recently, ATEEZ‘s Mingi went viral after a fan shared a clip of their call. The clip shows Mingi on his phone for around 10 seconds, scrolling as the fan patiently waits.

ATEEZ’s Mingi | @ATEEZ_OFFICIAL_/Twitter

Mingi is apologetic once he realizes the fan is waiting on him, and the two begin their call.

The clip was quickly spread and went viral, getting thousands of views with each reposting.


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Many fans found the situation hilarious, joking about Mingi potentially messaging a significant other or just playing games on his phone.

As it turns out, there was a reason for him being a little distracted!

Another fan shared her video call with Mingi a few days after, saying they “may or may not be the reason he was distracted on his phone.” In their clip, they explain that they made Mingi a playlist and were able to share it with him during the call.

Before the call ends, Mingi can be seen scrolling through the playlist, asking the fan about the music they shared.

After the call ended with that fan, Mingi must have looked through the fan’s playlist and didn’t realize the next call had begun! The fan confirmed this saying that the first video call poster was behind them in line.

Other fans found the explanation cute and something that Mingi would totally do!


I may or may not have been the reason he was distracted on his phone for the next person…LOL. I’m so glad he liked the playlist & hope he’s listening to it well🫶🏻 i love him forever #ateez #mingi #ateezfancall

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