ATEEZ’s Mingi Surprised Fans With An Unexpected Post On Twitter For The First Time Since Going On Hiatus

He has been missed so much!!

Even though ATEEZ fans had the concerning and upsetting news yesterday about San testing positive for asymptomatic COVID-19 on his birthday, the day did end up bringing something positive to ATINYs as well!

ATEEZ’s San and Mingi | @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

In November of last year, KQ Entertainment announced that Mingi would be going on hiatus in order to take care of his health after struggling with psychological anxiety.

Since then, he has only been heard from a couple of times, and ATEEZ fans miss him dearly and treasured each time they heard his voice!

More recently in May, the rapper was spotted in person for the first time as he traveled with his fellow members to Jeju Island, which had fans ecstatic and hoping that his return to the group as an active member was near!

In early June, Hongjoong also let it slip that Mingi was actually at KQ Entertainment’s building working out while the leader was doing a livestream!

There still has yet to be an official announcement from the company on Mingi’s return, but ATINYs are still hopeful that he’ll be present for the group’s next comeback.

However, the rapper just made another appearance on social media without warning, posting his first tweet on ATEEZ’s official account since his hiatus!

With the simple caption “Happy Birthday San!!”, Mingi sent his love to his fellow ATEEZ member on his birthday with a picture of himself, San, and Yeosang (when San was dressed as an old man for a prank he pulled on fans a while back), a selfie of San, and a picture of a mountain, which the wordΒ san translates to in Korean!

Mingi was trending on Twitter earlier because of his post, due to fans sharing their excitement over his appearance!

This also meant that every member of the group gave San well-wishes on the special day and has fans emotional over the return of “OT8”.

Here’s to hoping that Mingi has been recovering well, and will feel like making his highly anticipated comeback to ATEEZ as soon as he feels ready to!

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