MONSTA X’s Hyungwon & Minhyuk Prove Themselves To Be Major ATEEZ Fans

ATEEZ keeps collecting senior fans!

On the January 11 episode of Idol RadioMONSTA X members Hyungwon and Minhyuk guested on the show to promote their latest comeback, “Beautiful Liar”.

As the ongoing current hosts of the show, ATEEZ‘s Hongjoong and Yunho had some great interactions with their seniors in the industry. They even learned some of the choreography for “Beautiful Liar” during the show so they could perform it with the MONSTA X members!

Fans of both groups have long awaited interactions between MONSTA X and ATEEZ’s members, making this an exciting episode to begin with.

ATEEZ’s members have spoken up about being fans of MONSTA X before, with Jongho candidly stating that he’s a MONBEBE and even has a signed album from them.

And it turns out, the admiration goes both ways! During the episode of Idol Radio, Minhyuk shared that he listens to ATEEZ’s music a lot — especially due to Jongho — and that he watched the music video for the group’s most recent comeback “HALAZIA” within an hour of its release.

Hyungwon also proved his ATINY status by bringing up the song “Fireworks (I’m The One)”, which led to Yunho teaching him a snippet of the choreography!

Minhyuk also stated that the two groups should do a year-end stage together, which would be a legendary collaboration between the two powerful performers!

There were other compliments and spoken admiration between the members of the two groups during the episode, making it an overall wholesome and sweet interaction.

We love to see this kind of appreciation and support shown and reciprocated between senior and younger artists in the K-Pop industry, and it would be great to see more such interactions between ATEEZ and MONSTA X!