Mysterious Billboard Appears After ATEEZ’s “Anchor In Seoul” Concert, Seemingly Teasing Their Next Comeback

They’re back at it again!

On the night of April 28, ATEEZ held the first concert of their two-night The Fellowship: Break the Wall Anchor in Seoul event at Jamsil Indoor Stadium, and to the surprise and delight of fans, they seem to be teasing at their next comeback with what happened afterwards!

According to ATINYs that attended the concert, a billboard depicting the silhouettes of the members appeared outside the venue, naming them as “dangerous fugitives” and wanted men.

There were also banners with QR codes that, when scanned, led to an image with the words “SEE YOU AT THE END”, which was also airdropped to fans’ phones.

All of these things hint at the group’s next comeback, which according to an exclusive media outlet is supposed to be coming mid-June.

And it’s not the first time that ATEEZ has gotten this creative with teasing fans with new music! With such a complex and lore-rich world used in their concepts, there have been numerous times where ATINYs have become immersed in “Strickland” thanks to the group’s creative team.

These new teasers have already started trending on social media, with the hashtag #ATEEZwanted and the words “HAVE YOU SEEN THESE MEN?” quickly spreading on Twitter.

With another concert happening on the night of April 29, it will be interesting to see if yet more hints are shared for the lucky ATINYs that get to experience it all in person!


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