ATEEZ’s New Horror Project “Stressor Things” Shows Just How Hard-Working The Members Truly Are

Do they ever stop working?

It’s a pretty well-known fact among ATINYs by now that, even by the rigorous K-Pop standards, ATEEZ is an incredibly hard-working group. In their little over three years together, they have released more albums than most have in that amount of time, not to mention all of the other content they create for fans to enjoy too!

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Recently, it was announced that ATEEZ had been working on a horror show called Stressor Things, where it seems like the members will have to work together to get through a haunted house.

While fans are understandably excited to see this fun new content from the group, something else about the teaser for the show caught people’s attention!

Based on their visuals at the time, it’s clear that ATEEZ filmed this show back in the spring of 2021, during a time when the group was participating on Kingdom: Legendary War.

Preparing for their breathtaking performances on the competition show no doubt took an immense amount of time and effort, so the fact that they were working on an additional project at the time is incredible!

But that’s not all. Stressor Things was far from the only other project they worked on during their time on Kingdom, and it’s amazing how the members even got any rest at all with how much they were doing at the time.

At the beginning of the show, ATEEZ was still finishing up promotions for their recent comeback at the time, “Fireworks (I’m The One)”. Members YunhoSeonghwaSan, and Jongho were all also filming for the K-Drama Imitation, and fans recently discovered that they were working on the photoshoot for Campus Life: School of Security at the time as well!

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And the list continues! Later on in the show’s production, ATEEZ was also working on their performance for Identity 2021, their performance on the PSY episode of Immortal Songs, and the production of their Japanese single “Dreamers”.

Finally, closer to the finale of the show, they were working with Kim Jong Kook on their collaboration single, “Be My Lover”, as well as the variety show Do Not Disturb.

This tweet is a perfect description of the group’s work ethic.

Check out the trailer for ATEEZ’s “Stressor Things” below!