Non-ATINY Shares Her Heartwarming Interaction With ATEEZ Backstage At KCON, Proving Their “Humble And Kindness” Title

“It didn’t feel like they were looking at fans, it felt like they were looking at people.”

While we may never know the true personalities of K-Pop idols outside of what they choose to show us through the media, there are some of them who give off such a genuine aura that it’s hard to believe they could be anything but what they seem.

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One such group is ATEEZ. It’s pretty much impossible to find any stories of any of the members acting rude or inconsiderate towards anyone. In fact, there are numerous accounts from staff, fans, and other idols about just how kind-hearted and generous ATEEZ’s members are!

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Yet another such story was recently shared by a non-ATINY on social media.

The K-Pop fan, Ale, who was able to go backstage at KCON because she won the DREAM STAGE event that allowed her to perform on stage with Kep1er, shared her experience on TikTok about the idols she met there.

One of the groups who were backstage with the participants for the DREAM STAGE event was ATEEZ. And even though she wasn’t an ATINY herself, Ale shared that her respect for the K-Pop group skyrocketed because of how genuine the members were, and that they treated her and the other participants like people or colleagues rather than distantly like fans.

The recounting about ATEEZ is even more impactful when you hear the entire story, where Ale shares that other idols backstage at the event were not so warm in greeting her, and that some were even downright rude.


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ATINYs have left tons of comments on the post sharing how proud they are to be fans of such a humble and genuine K-Pop group!

It seems that ATEEZ’s members really do practice what they preach, and keep the phrase “humble & kindness” from their song “The Real” close to their hearts!


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