ATEEZ Is Now The 4th Generation K-Pop Group With The Most Songs Ranked On The Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart This Year

And with their comeback in a few weeks, that number will certainly increase!

For the week of August 28, 2021 on the Billboard Digital Song Sales chart, ATEEZ has multiple new songs trending on the chart, bringing them to a new milestone!

The chart, updated weekly, lists the 25 best-selling international singles in the United States, and since K-Pop has become increasingly popular in the U.S., there are usually new songs that debut on the chart each week!

With ATEEZ’s release of their special single album Season Songs with Kim Jong Kook last week, all three of the songs on the album ranked on the chart this time around!


The top-ranking song is “Be My Lover”, coming in at #17. “The Black Cat Nero” (which they originally released as a special cover last year) is ranked at #21, and finally, “White Love” also made it onto the list at #25.

With these three songs, it brings ATEEZ’s total to 8 new songs on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart in 2021, making them the fourth generation group with the most songs on it so far this year!

“Fireworks (I’m The One)”, the title track from their ZERO: FEVER Part.2 album released back in March, was the first to rank and tied for the highest peak, making it to #6 during its 2 weeks on the chart. “Take Me Home”, from the same album, also ranked with a peak at #16.

Their first Japanese-language release of the year, “Still Here”, joined the chart in April with a peak at #24, and their Kingdom: Legendary War special song, “The Real”, made its appearance in June and tied for “Fireworks (I’m The One)” with a peak at #6.

Finally, their second Japanese-language release of the year, “Dreamers”, made it onto the chart just last month with a peak at #16.

With a new comeback ZERO: FEVER Part.3 just around the corner set to come out on September 13, there’s little doubt that these numbers will increase by hopefully more than just the title track of the album very soon!

Congratulations, ATEEZ!