ATEEZ Proves Their “8 Makes 1 Team” Catchphrase In An Interview With Consequence of Sound

They truly are like a family!

As part of their ongoing trip to the United States for their world tour, ATEEZ has also gifted fans with numerous interviews and videos with a variety of different companies! Most recently, they sat down with Mary Siroky at Consequence of Sound, a music news source platform, to discuss a variety of topics.

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Their conversation ranged from discussing how they can always have such incredible energy on stage (spoiler: it’s all thanks to ATINYs) to how they felt during their time on Kingdom: Legendary War.

One of the topics touched on as well was whether or not the group was planning on creating any sub-units soon. With each member possessing their own unique individuality and skills, there’s no doubt that a sub-unit of any kind would be successful.

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However, despite how interested some fans might be in units or even solo debuts from the members, it sounds like their bond as a whole team is what they’re still focused on right now!

There [are] no plans for that right now — we’re focused on being onstage as eight. Maybe down the road.


For a group whose catchphrase is “8 makes 1 team”, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they still want to continue to perform together! Along with this, they also talked about their dynamic living together in a dorm.

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One would think that any living situation that involved 8 young men in close quarters might bring about some tense or uncomfortable situations, especially in today’s pandemic era, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for ATEEZ!

These days, there aren’t really roles in the dorm. We like living together with freedom. ‘Eight makes one team’ in the dorm, too — like family.

— Hongjoong

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It would be nice to see each of the members get to pursue their own individual interests in the future if they would like, but for now, there’s no doubt that ATINYs love the close and familial relationship that the group is loyal to!

Source: Consequence of Sound