ATEEZ’s San Asked TXT’s Yeonjun What He Wanted For His Birthday And Yeonjun’s Flirty Answer Will Make You Blush

“That sweet dude.”

ATEEZ‘s San recently took the time to connect with his ATINYs on the UNIVERSE app and even mentioned his good friend and fellow idol TXT‘s Yeonjun!


As many MOAs know, Yeonjun’s birthday has just passed and many have been curious about how it went.

On his actual birthday, Yeonjun held a live broadcast where mentioned San’s fellow member Wooyoung. Yeonjun shared that Wooyoung had wished him a happy birthday and even revealed the sweet present he gave him.

San also shared some information on Yeonjun’s birthday through his conversation with Yeonjun. San shared that he had asked Yeonjun what he wanted for his birthday and Yeonjun gave a flirty and sweet reply!

| @iove_sani/Twitter
  • It was Yeonjun’s birthday yesterday.
  • My friend from high school. 
  • So I asked him if there was anything he wanted.
  • He said that he didn’t need anything as long as he had me.
  • That sweet dude.

The friendship between ATEEZ and TXT is just too cute to handle! While many interactions between the two group members have recently happened, several of the members in both groups have been friends since their school days!