ATEEZ’s San Chose Which Pokémon Best Represent His Fellow Members, And His Choices Are Definitely Accurate

Plus, fans helped him choose one for himself!

Recently while ATEEZ‘s San was interacting with fans, the subject came up for him to match his fellow members with the Pokémon that would suit them best! Some of the members seemed more difficult for him to decide a single Pokemon for, while others probably came to him more easily. Here are all of the choices he made, and the possible reasons why he chose each one for each member!

1. Hongjoong

For ATEEZ’s leader, San chose Charmander as the Pokémon to represent Hongjoong! A fire-type definitely suits the passionate and charismatic captain of the group, and Hongjoong has been compared to other salamander-like characters before, such as Bruni from Frozen 2.

2. Seonghwa

| @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

At first, San was debating between Chikorita and Pidgeot for Seonghwa, but in the end, he decided on Staraptor for the oldest member of ATEEZ! Seonghwa has been compared to Angry Bird characters in the past, and Staraptor has that same kind of aesthetic, so it makes sense for the handsome visual.

3. Yunho

Yunho is a big, loveable giant, so the choice of Dragonite seems to be an accurate one by San! They’re considered bold and courageous Pokémon as well, both of which are traits that Yunho definitely has.

4. Yeosang

San’s choice of Jigglypuff for the character that best suits Yeosang might come as a surprise to some, but we can see how it would make sense! Not all Jigglypuffs are sassy and bratty like the one most often seen in the old Pokémon series, and they are cute, musically talented, and absolutely loveable, all of which are definitely suitable for Yeosang.

5. San

San didn’t originally choose a Pokémon for himself, but based on his chat on the topic, it seemed that fans were suggesting Skitty for him! He definitely has a feline-like appearance that fans love, and Skitty is both fiesty and adorable when it needs to be, just like San himself!

6. Mingi

| @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

Hilariously, San didn’t first choose a Pokémon for Mingi, but actually a Pokémon gym leader — Broke, to be exact! While fans think this choice was accurate, San went on to pick Psyduck for Mingi instead. These Pokémon can seem a little goofy and confused, but in actuality, they are actually extremely smart and powerful, just like Mingi himself!

7. Wooyoung

San’s choice of Gengar to represent his bestie Wooyoung definitely suits the mischievous ATEEZ member well. Ghost-type Pokémon in general are known to cause mischief and mayhem, and Wooyoung is arguably the most chaotic member of ATEEZ, so it’s no surprise that San chose Gengar for him!

8. Jongho

Finally, Snorlax was the Pokémon that San chose for the group’s golden maknae, Jongho. Snorlax are known to be on the lazy side, but when they’re not sleeping, they are extremely strong and powerful, which definitely suits Jongho, who is known for his incredible strength!