Definitive Proof That ATEEZ’s San Has The Perfect Voice To Sing Rock Music

This lead singer has incredible voice control 🤩

Most people who aren’t super familiar with ATEEZ‘s members often think that San is part of the group’s dance line due to his incredible stage presence and energy, and are surprised to learn that his only “official” position is as lead vocalist!


And while he does have a captivating and passionate aura on stage that gives him such a magnetic appeal when he performs, there’s a reason he was also chosen to be a member of ATEEZ’s vocal line.


He has a beautiful voice that is showcased wonderfully in all of ATEEZ’s discography, from their softer ballads to their more hard-hitting songs.

And recently, a clip from their Summer Photobook DVD has been making the rounds on social media due to how well it shows San’s vocal stability, along with his dynamism with his voice!


In the clip, San is seen bouncing around like the energetic goofball he is while he, Jongho, and Mingi do karaoke. And then, with seemingly little effort, he transitions into a beautifully growly voice and high note that leaves his fellow members in awe.

And this isn’t the first time San has shown how much potential he has for rock music. There have been multiple instances on-stage and live of this vocal prowess…

And he also used to be in a band when he was in middle school as a vocalist!

Comments on the post of him singing karaoke are praising his skills.

Hopefully San gets more opportunities to show his vocal abilities in different genres soon!