ATEEZ’s San Gets Honest With Fans About Denying Their “Marriage Proposals”

He says these things because he cares ❀

During fansigns and other fan meetings, it isn’t uncommon for fans to get bold with their favorite K-Pop idols and (usually) jokingly ask them to marry them.

Reactions and responses from the idols being asked can vary widely, from them “accepting” the offer to polite declining, and oftentimes can be pretty awkward.

ATEEZ‘sΒ San has been the subject to many of these “marriage proposals”, and recently, he shared why he always gently turns down fans rather than playing into the fantasy.


Of course, it’s never his intention to hurt ATINYs feelings, because he clearly cares deeply for all of ATEEZ’s fans. He explained that he doesn’t like to lie, and only wants to tell ATINYs words that he wants to keep because of how much he loves and cherishes them.

He went on to add that he’s not thinking of marriage at this time because he likes where he is.

ATINYs are expressing their appreciation and admiration for San’s honesty on social media.

We love to see K-Pop idols setting healthy boundaries between themselves and their fans!