ATEEZ’s San Gives TXT’s Yeonjun And Soobin The Cutest Compliments And Reveals How He First Got Close To Them

“I have a cute friend.”

ATEEZ and TXT have been blessing their fandoms by constantly sharing their cute friendship and endlessly supporting each other. San recently warmed up ATINYs and MOAs hearts once again by sharing how he first got close to TXT’s Yeonjun and Soobin. San also managed to compliment them in the process.

During a recent live broadcast, San mentioned the two during his live broadcast and started out by praising his new friend Soobin and his cute visuals! San commented, “Soobin is very cute, isn’t he? Soobin is really cute!”


San then revealed how he got close to Soobin. In his live broadcast, San shared he was able to get closer to Soobin since he and Yeonjun went to the same school together before they debuted.

I first got to know them because Yeonjun and I were in the same high school but now I have a cute friend named Soobin too!

— San

Following the reveal of how this close friendship developed, San went on to give his new friends the most adorable compliments. San first praised Soobin’s charming personality then gushed over his visuals.

Soobin is very kind, very handsome and really tall as well. So that was really good!

— San

San also talked about his longtime childhood friend Yeonjun! San commented that he and Yeonjung often contact each other and showed off their supportive friendship.

I’ve also been in touch with Yeonjun very frequently! We’re doing well. Last time, Yeonjun took a screenshot of our music show performance and he sent me a text saying ‘I’m enjoying your performance, my darling.’ So I was like ‘Okay, enjoy it. I’m enjoying your performances too.’

— San

Furthermore, San couldn’t help but mention Yeonjun’s Studio Choom‘s “Artist of the Month” performance. San conveyed how much he enjoyed the performance as well as how cool it all was.

Yeonjun did so well on his ‘Watermelon Sugar’ cover too! It was really so cool. He’s cool, he’s the coolest. For real!

— San

Source: Naver TV