ATEEZ’s San Is Going Viral For His Ridiculously Handsome Bare-Faced Visuals

“He’s so pure and clear without makeup.”

Though he’s not an official visual of ATEEZSan certainly has characteristics that many fans and non-fans alike find extremely handsome. From his sharp, high cheekbones to his incredible physique to his bright, dimpled smile, there are so many things to love about San, and that’s just describing the physical!


Like most idols, he’s more often than not seen wearing some kind of makeup for events such as performances, concerts, and other public appearances, from subtle looks to more dramatic ones.

However, it’s his handsome bare face that has recently caught netizens’ attention online, and when you see how he looks without a drop of makeup on, it’s easy to see why!

On a vlog released about two months ago, San goes about his day from being bare-faced in the morning to showing himself getting styled later in the day. At the end of the vlog, he then includes footage of himself washing off the makeup and sharing his bare face once again.

For some reason, it’s only now that the video has been getting attention from netizens, who are in awe of just how amazing San looks without a hint of makeup on. In fact, there are many people who think he looks better bare-faced than with makeup!

Several screenshots taken from the video are shared on a post on an online forum, showcasing San’s gorgeous visuals and playful personality.

Commenters think that he goes from looking fierce and sharp with makeup to soft and fluffy without, though both looks are gorgeous!

Here’s what netizens have to say about the trending video and photos.

| The Qoo
  • I love San’s bare face…
  • I only saw him on stage, but his bare face is so pure
  • He’s so pure and clear without makeup
  • He looks like the idol-version of soccer player Cho Gue Sung lol sassy yet cute
  • I like his bare face way better… People that look like Cho Gue Sung look better in their natural state
  • I was thinking who does he look like… It was Cho Gue Sung
  • He’s so charismatic the more I see him
  • His bare face is so handsome

We’re glad that San is comfortable enough with his natural visuals to share it with his fans, because they’re such a sight for sore eyes!

Source: The Qoo


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