ATEEZ Fans Voice Concerns Over San’s Health After A Recent “Guerrilla” Performance

He looks exhausted.

ATEEZ‘s San is well-regarded for his fearsome stage presence, dance skill, and vocal talent.

ATEEZ is currently promoting their new title track, “Guerrilla,” and the members are giving their absolute all to the high-intensity performances.

And while fans enthusiastically support the comeback, they are worried about San’s health, particularly after a recent fancam. In the fancam, San gives all his energy to his performance.

San | M2/YouTube 

But when he steps to the side of the stage during parts of the choreography highlighting other members, San is noticeably exhausted.

| M2/YouTube 

Even having to lean against the stage props for support.

| M2/YouTube 

Fans are understandably worried about his health and hopeful that he is getting enough rest and taking care of himself.

| M2/YouTube 



sannie’s performance is so impressive as always… i’m worried about him though he looks os exhausted and in pain after every performance 🙁 i hope he doesn’t push himself too much. our sannie your performance is amazing but please eat well and rest as much as you can, don’t get hurt or sick!!

— Fan via a YouTube comment

Some fans also point out that his outfit may have been difficult to dance in, which probably didn’t help his exhaustion.

Fans hope that ATEEZ will be allowed to take a well-deserved break.

He did his best, as always but he looks so poorly. He needs to rest. Please give them a break! I’m really genuinely worried about him. The whole group has done immaculate work up until now so now it should be their time to lean back, recover and let Atiny do the work. We will support them in any way we can, no matter if there’s a stage every day or not. I’d rather know they’re safe and healthy than having new content all day every day. Please let them rest and let Atiny do all the work <3

— Fan via a YouTube comment

You can watch the full fancam here.

Source: yugimars