ATEEZ’s San Danced So Hard At KCON LA That His Hair Dye Melted And Mic Broke

His energy is unreal!

This weekend KCON was held in Los Angeles, and the opening act for the series of concerts on Saturday was ATEEZ!

Though every group that performed was given 30 minutes for their stage, leaving most artists to perform 3-4 songs while also providing time to interact with fans, ATEEZ managed to fit in 8 songs total — while also using nearly 10 minutes to interact with fans!

They accomplished this by expertly cutting and combining some of their songs, and even sped up their latest hit, “Guerrilla”, which is incredible since that choreography is already so intense!

All of the members went all-out for the performance, but there was one member in particular that stood out for just how much energy he put into it: San.

San | SBS

He’s not known as a “stage demon” for no reason, and his performance at KCON LA just gave further proof of it!

All of the members were sweating profusely from the intensity of their dancing. San’s, however, was more easily noticed, due to the fact that his recently dyed hair had begun to melt… And left rivulets of black dye down his face.

Not only did bestie Wooyoung jokingly chastise him later for the state of his makeup, but his stylist and make-up artist took to social media to express their dismay as well 😂


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But it didn’t stop there. During the ending of “HALA HALA”, San is the center member and always goes all-out. This time was no different, and because of it, he ended up breaking his microphone at the end!

This isn’t the first time this sort of thing has happened, and in fact, he later went on Universe to admit that he carries around 3 mics in case of instances such as this!

It was definitely a performance to remember because of all the members, and we bet many new ATINYs were made that night!