Netizens Just Can’t Handle ATEEZ San’s Transformation From A Skinny Rookie To A Muscular Legend

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It has been almost four and a half years since ATEEZ first debuted on October 24, 2018, and in that time, they have all grown so much as performers!

ATEEZ as rookies

While they already started off as incredibly promising and talented rookies, each of the members has absolutely bloomed in the length of their career, giving them the well-deserved title as one of the most impressive groups of performers in K-Pop today.

The power and energy they put into their stages is particularly amazing, and each member has noticeably become more toned and athletic in the last couple of years. However, the most notable change in that regard might just belong to San.


When San debuted, he was 19 years old and gave off a very cute, youthful aura as he was on the more slender side and full of bubbly energy. Paired with his easy smile and infectious playful personality, he was already easy to fall for!

San as a rookie

Since then, however, and in the last year or two in particular, San has noticeably bulked up.

San then vs. now

While his transformation is most evident when he goes sleeveless, showing off his impressive arm muscles, it’s easy to see how much he’s worked on becoming more muscular even when he’s more covered up!

San then vs. now

Of course, he was already extremely loveable, handsome, and charismatic even during his rookie days, but he deserves to be recognized and admired for all of the hard work he has no doubt put into becoming stronger and, in turn, a better performer as well.

San then vs. now

His transformation over the last couple of years became a hot topic recently on an online forum, where even casual ATEEZ fans couldn’t help but be wowed by his incredibly physique.

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| Instiz

  • I don’t usually like bulky muscles but Mr. Choi San pulls it off so well, I think
  • Even his dance moves look better, haha
  • I’m not into guys who bulk but after San, my preference has changed 😇 I just friiicking love it
  • OP: I agree with all of these comments…
  • CHOI SAN 🖤🖤
  • This is just great 😇
  • Even though he bulked, he has a slim waist. It’s just right… I love to see how well he eats and exercises. Haha

International K-Pop fans have chimed in with their opinions as well, appreciating not only his efforts but also his sweet personality and kind heart that haven’t changed to this day.

We have so much admiration for all of the hard work that San has put into his body, and for the other members of ATEEZ as well!

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa