The New ATEEZ Dance Move That San’s Parents Called To Check On His Health Over

He’s so powerful!

ATEEZ released their new album, The World EP.2: OUTLAW, with the title song “BOUNCY (K-HOT CHILLI PEPPERS)”, on June 16, and they’re in the middle of promoting it on music shows and other platforms. As with every performance by the K-Pop group, the members put their all into their choreography and vocals, treating each stage just as important as all the rest with the amount of energy they give!

All of the group’s members are incredible performers, with not a single member that lags behind in that regard. San, however, often stands out due to just how hard he goes whenever he’s on stage, and this comeback isn’t any different!

The most iconic move from the dance is the four-step back bend that goes along with the beginning and middle of the chorus. It’s undoubtedly a difficult move, but the members and their talented backup dancers make it look like it’s nothing!

In the second half of the second chorus, when San is in the center, he takes the move a step further by basically bending himself in half backwards, a feat that takes ridiculous core strength and phenomenal body control.

It also looks like a dance move that would be easy to hurt oneself doing, and it seems that San’s family was concerned about that and even gave him a call asking to make sure his waist is okay!

San shared the story during the Music Bank pre-recording, and assured fans that he’s doing the move in a “moderate” way and that he’s able to go even lower than he already is.

Fans reacted to his reassurance on social media, both praising his dancing abilities but also asking him to make sure and take care of himself!

Just how much lower do you think San can go?