ATEEZ’s San Has Now Had 3 Fancams Reach A Huge Milestone

No one can resist San’s insane charisma!

All of ATEEZ‘s members are a joy to watch perform on stage, with each of them owning their performances with their individual charms and charisma.

Though he isn’t one of the main dancers of the group, San in particular is known to draw a lot of people’s attention due to his incredible performance abilities, captivating facial expressions, and overall commitment to whatever concept ATEEZ is promoting at the time.

There’s no denying that he deserves every ounce of the praise that he gets from fans, other idols, and professional choreographers alike!

Back in January 2021, he became the first member of ATEEZ to have one of his individual fancams reach one million views. It was for his performance of “Wonderland” on Weekly Idol, and it’s easy to see why it garnered so much attention.

More recently, he had his first live stage performance — “HALA HALA” performed on M Countdown — reach the one million views milestone as well. It’s easy to forget that ATEEZ had only debuted a couple of months prior to this showcase, considering how incredible he (and the rest of the group) looked!

And now, as of today, San has now had three individual fancams reach one million views! On February 23 KST, the fancam for his performance of “Wonderland” on M Countdown reached that huge milestone, and it’s certainly a legendary showcase that deserves such recognition.

Here are how ATINYs are reacting to his accomplishment!

If you want to show even more support for San, go check out his “Sanchelin Guide #1” video, which is only about 35k views away from reaching his goal of 800,000 views!