ATEEZ’s San Gains Praise From ATINYs For His Response To Fans Violating ATEEZ’s Privacy

It shouldn’t have come to this in the first place!

Fans have been coming out in support of ATEEZ‘s San after he took to the platform Universe and politely asked that fans stop following him and the ATEEZ members after their schedules.

| @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

ATEEZ has been delivering great shows on the American leg of their world tour, The Fellowship: Beginning of the End, but it seems like there have been several instances in which some fans either waited for the members at their accommodation after the show ended or followed them to their other schedules.

As a result, San felt forced to voice his concern. He did his best to not cast anyone in a bad light, instead expressing his appreciation for the love that fans showed him and the members, but also communicating that such actions made the members uncomfortable and that it would appreciated if fans stopped following them and showing up at their accommodation.

ATINYs have been praising how polite and considerate he was in his message, and have taken to social media to express their concern over the invasion of ATEEZ’s privacy.

The fact is that San shouldn’t have had to feel forced to say anything, as this should have never been an issue in the first place. Having one’s privacy violated like this is definitely a distressing situation, but it speaks a lot to San’s character that he has remained so kind and respectful when expressing himself on the issue. We hope that his words are heeded and that the ATEEZ members’ privacy is fully respected going forward!