ATEEZ’s San Lovingly Praises His Members And Their Close Friendship—His Words Will Melt Your Heart

“I especially want to boast about the members.”

The members of ATEEZ recently met with Singles Korea where they each did their own solo pictorial as well as their own interviews!

For San’s interview, he focused on those around him such as his fans as well as his members! When asked, how he looks at people, San shared he looks at their morality.

I look at morality. No matter how muce of a suit they show off, it’s difficult for me to like them if they are rude to people. There may be achievemnets that can be reached by hard work in a short period of time, but morality can’t be made overnight, so much more effort is needed.

— San

As for his own behavior toward others, San conveyed that he likes that his music and work positively influence their fans, especially the younger ones.

When you go to the fan signing event, there are elementary school students and mother with young children. If the patents and children are communicating through music, I couldn’t be more honored.

— San

San continued and shared that while he’s happy his fans receive their good influence, he also wants his fans to develop their own opinions.

I tend to refrain from talking about things that would be good or bad or valuable because I’m would be worried that fans may get wrong thoughts due to my words.

— San

When the topic of his members came around, San shared what he has learned about his members as well as what similarities they share.

Our members all have a strong desire to win. If possible, I want to be at the top. However, regardless of the type of success it is, I want all 8 of us to succeed together. A moment when I feel that we share a lot of similarities is when a member says something that I was about to say. That’s how much we think alike.

— San

San then couldn’t help but praise his members and commented that he wanted to show off all their amazing traits to everyone.

I especially want to boast about the members’ friendliness, patience, and consideration. Because of our busy schedule, all of us lose sleep and it can be easy for us to become sensitive, however, we smile and think about the hard-working staff who wake up earlier than we do to prepare for our filming.

— San

Source: Singles Korea