ATEEZ’s San Reveals How He Felt About His First Solo Stage— His Answer Will Make You Soft

His members were touched by his words.

ATEEZ‘s San performed alone for the first time during Mnet‘s Kingdom, and he shared how he felt about his stage in ATEEZ’s recent live broadcast.


While talking about their experiences on KingdomHongjoong asked San to share how he felt about his first solo stage. San had a heartwarming response, sharing how the experience made him miss his members.

I felt empty without the members. I wanted to go back to the members and perform together.

— San

| @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

The members had a lot to say about his touching response, mainly praise for his solo performance. Seonghwa commented saying “he nailed the stage alone,” and that it will be “one of ATEEZ’s legendary stages.” You can watch his solo performance stage below!