ATEEZ’s San Shares His Honest Opinions On Dancing Hard Vs. Being “Pretty” On Stage

“Is this really the performance that I think of?”

On August 13, ATEEZ performed a variety of songs at Korea On Stage at the Blue House, including their most recent hit “Guerrilla”.

As always, the members put on an amazing performance, and looked extra sleek and sexy in their all-black outfits.

Based on how great the stage was, you would probably never realize that at least one of the members was actually unsatisfied by their performance: San.


When you watch his fancam in particular, he seems to be putting in just as much energy and charisma that any other K-Pop idol would.

But in reality, when you compare it to his other “Guerrilla” fancams where he really went all out, it’s clear to see he toned things down for this performance!

He later came on the fan app Universe to discuss his performance. He shares that the toning down of his dance was intentional after requesting to wear a beret that made his face clearly visible.

In order to keep the beret from falling off, he didn’t go as all-out as he usually does during the show. Of course, he still did an incredible job, but after reviewing his performance, he realized that he was unsatisfied with how he looked during that stage in particular.

He shared his thoughts about “maintaining a pretty face” on stage by “dancing softly”, and how he thinks it would have been better if he’d gone ahead and danced as hard as he usually did, even if his beret flew off in the process.

It really goes to show just how important stage presence is to San. He’s not known as a “stage genius” of the modern K-Pop generation for no reason, and it’s obvious that he puts a lot of thought and energy into how he presents himself when he performs!


Regardless of his own dissatisfaction with the stage, we still think he did an incredible job. And it’s likely only going to lead to even more incredible performances from San in the future!