ATEEZ’s Stage Genius San Gives Insight Into How He Immerses Himself In Character When Performing In Vogue Korea

There’s a reason he’s known for his stage presence.

ATEEZ is known for a lot of great things, with their incredible performance abilities high on that list.

While all of the members shine in their own ways, San, in particular, is often praised for his captivating facial expressions and complete immersion into the character he’s portraying when he performs.

Even though he doesn’t actually have an official dance position in ATEEZ, the amount of energy and charisma he pours into each performance has captivated fans and non-fans alike.

Recently, in an interview with Vogue Korea, San shared some insight into how he immerses himself so convincingly into character when he performs.

I think about a character that suits that song. Since I am Choi San but depending on the song, I may be a person who is full of desire, or I may be a person who is insanely happy. It feels like I’m picking out and wearing an outfit out of the various sides within me.

— San (ATEEZ)

There’s no doubt that this method of thinking works well for San, because ATINYs can never get enough of his phenomenal performance abilities, even in a group with members as talented as ATEEZ’s are.

We can’t wait to see what he (and the rest of the group) amaze us with next!

Source: Vogue Korea